September 10. Opening Service–Water Communion. Facilitator: Thomas Pistole

            Earth is a water-based planet, and we are water-based life forms. Water can bring us together, e.g., with ships and boats, and can separate us, e.g., by storms and floods. As such, it affects each of our lives. We will ask people to share an activity or event in their lives involving water that was moving, had an impact on their lives, or that changed them.

September 17. Hope and Determination. Presenter: Sylvia Foster

            Hope and determination are woven into new beginnings. When we are overwhelmed by hardship, we think of what to hope for. And what might we hope for? We’ll explore the enduring significance of hope throughout history and in various faiths – reminding us of how the affirmation of hope is a driving force that sustains and empowers us on our lifelong journey.

Sylvia Foster grew up in the Universalist Church in Bangor, Maine, and has been a member of the UU church of Exeter, New Hampshire, for thirty years where she’s been a member of social justice and green sanctuary committees and the choir. Sylvia is retired as an administrator of educational programs for the UNH President’s Commissions on equity and inclusion and is vice president of the Governing Board of Racial Unity Team of New Hampshire. She also serves on the Board of 350NH Action for renewable energy.


September 24. Our Current Principles and Sources. Presenter: Elizabeth (Betty) Crepeau

            This program will briefly review the history of the Principles and the principles themselves.  Following the presentation, we will discuss how these principles guide our lives.

                  Elizabeth Crepeau is a graduate of the UNH Occupational Therapy Program and holds a MA and PhD in Sociology.  She taught occupational therapy at UNH for 35 years and found great meaning in her relationship with students.  She edited three editions of Willard and Spackman’s Occupational Therapy, a major textbook in the field.  She has studied Buddhism and leads a meditation group where she lives with her husband, Rod

Preview for October

            Programs planned for this month include a service by the Rev. Maren Tirabassi, retired United Church of Christ minister and past poet laureate for the City of Portsmouth; a program by Fellowship member Jonathan Babon on his recent outreach trip to Africa; and a presentation by Fellowship member Deborah Johnson on General Assembly and proposed changes in our seven principles.


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