May 8th: Other Mothers: towards a broader celebration of Mothers Day with Betty Crepeau and Deb Johnson

Some philosophers such as Sarah Ruddick have argued that the day-to-day work of raising children, whether carried out by a man or a woman, gives rise to a distinctive practice she called “maternal thinking.” This is a practice of every day life in which vulnerable children depend on the mothering acts of care done by anyone in society to foster the growth and autonomy of children in their care. In this program we will also explore how the childrearing practices of three Black Mothers, Berdis Baldwin, Alberta King, and Louise Little, shaped the future lives of their influential offspring James Baldwin, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X.

The service will run from 10:00 – 11:15 am, followed by a coffee hour on our deck.
Reminder:  There will be no Zoom broadcast of this service 

May 15th: The NH Legislature and Voters’ Confidence in Elections with Liz Tentarelli

Liz Tentarelli, who last year presented the popular program, Votes for Women, has served as president of New Hampshire’s League of Women Voters since 2009. This year she will join us to discuss New Hampshire’s red proposed redistricting plan, raising such questions as: Do the proposed redistricting maps and several bills moving through the Legislature right now further erode public faith in fair elections? Or are these bills necessary to counteract narratives about stolen elections? Will the newly appointed Com- mission on Voter Confidence have an effect on your Get Out The Vote efforts in the fall? Liz notes: This is a non-partisan presentation on a topic that is too often very partisan.

May 22nd: Remembering and Honoring Durham UU Fellowship Community Builders with Deb Johnson

The unique culture of the Fellowship has evolved since its founding 60 years ago. Former members, friends and speakers contribut- ed to this evolution and deserve our respect and remembrance. This service will involve sharing reminiscences of cherished former members who helped make the Fellowship what it is today. Please come to share your reminiscences by bringing (lively, amusing) anecdotes about former members, friends and speakers who, in your view, have embodied the spirit of the of the Durham Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

May 29th: Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!! There will be no Sunday program on May 29th

June 5th: Please join us on Sunday, June 5th at Fort Foster Park, Kittery, Maine for our 60th Anniversary Picnic


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