March 12: “Living from a Place of Surrender” Session 6: The Predicament & the Spiritual Path

Video by Michael Singer. Joyce Sheehan, with group facilitators Sue Noon, Tom Reichheld & Bob Sheehan

Following the 3rd and 4th Principles of our UUA. In this session, we more fully explore the stored en- ergy patterns from the past (samskaras) that are running your life. Michael explains in detail how these patterns are created and the difficulties they cause. What would happen if you decided to free yourself of these past patterns instead of using life to compensate for them? Once you start becom- ing serious about your inner work, you will begin to understand the power of a life of surrender. Please, read before 12 March: https://thinkific.s3.amazonaws.com/file_uploads/206495/ attachments/b3f/478/299/LivingfromaPlaceofSurrender-SessionEight-08-01.pdf

March 19: “Journey to Africa, A Call to Action” Jonathan Babon

Following the 1st, 2nd and 7th Principles of our UUA, Jon plans to discuss how his intention of help- ing with construction turned from a vacation to a deeper meaning for him and a better understand- ing of community and how education is crucial for upward mobility.

March 26: “Vulnerability & Authenticity Revealed” Willow Young

Following the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th Principles of our UUA, and leading up to the Transgender Day of Visibility, Willow Young will be taking a closer look at the shifting landscape of gender through the lens of transgender identities. We will uncover how new efforts at authenticity and visibility is shift- ing the landscape of the transgender experience, how that can evoke a better understanding of our- selves, and the constraints we still face with our own gender experience in the modern world.


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