All Services Begin at 10 on Sunday Morning on Zoom

Sunday, January 16th: “Discrimination and Immigration with Ron Abramson, Esq.

Prominent immigration lawyer, and frequent DUUF speaker Ron Abramson will provide an overview of America’s historic discriminatory immigration practices and discuss current (2022) immigration issues. Comments and questions welcomed.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://unh.zoom.us/j/92239513085

Sunday, January 23rd: “DUUF at 60: Our Fellowship’s Heritage of Social Action” with Deb Johnson

Since its founding, members of the Durham Fellowship have actively engaged with social issues, supporting legislation to reform prisons, and to repeal anti-abortion laws; lending money for the construction of Durham’s Church Hill apartments and supporting a local Cambodian family in need. We will learn more about some of these early initiatives and discuss future social action directions for DUUF.

Sunday, January 30th: “Taking Poetry Seriously” with Michael Ferber

UNH Professor-emeritus, Michael Ferber will explore what the world of poetry might imply about the real world in which we live. He will propose that we consider poetic metaphors as literal, rhyme as magical, and meter as music and dance, and then ask us to assess what this new perspective re- veals about the world in which we live.

NOTE: This program will be the kick-off event for our February Poetry Challenge.

Sunday, February 6th: “Spirituality, A Call to Awareness” with Joyce Sheehan

A look at Spirituality as a process of exploring the possibilities for an encounter with Reality.  In accordance with: UU 3rd Principle: Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations. UU 4th Pri


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