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Services for March 2021

March 7          COVID-19 Revisited                Frank Rodgers, Thomas Pistole, Michael O’Sullivan

Much has happened since our last presentation. In this program we plan to cover such topics as the coronavirus variants and their role in disease, the role of animals and humans in the transmission of this disease, the nature of the two available vaccines and general aspects of the immune response to the first and second doses, herd immunity—what it is and how it contributes to overall immunity, and how we can control transmission. As before, we will provide opportunities for questions and comments both during the service and in an optional session immediately following the program.

March 14        Living Well by Flowing Well                                      Betty Crepeau 

Creativity is generally thought of in relation to specific artistic practices—painting, sculpture, music, poetry. However, we have the capacity to live our lives with creative engagement in anything we do. In so doing, we can increase the pleasure and satisfaction we derive from activities such as gardening and cooking and even in mundane but necessary activities, such as folding laundry, washing dishes, or dusting furniture. In this service we will revisit Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi’s concept of Flow, focusing not on the peak experiences that arise from high-skill, high-challenge activities, but on everyday activities. Csikszentmihalyi argues that we have the power to structure all of our experience to enhance our well-being and happiness.

March 21         Race and the Police in White New Hampshire                     Joseph Lascaze

Joseph Lascaze is a Smart Justice Organizer for ACLU. During 13 years of incarceration in the NH jail and prison system, Lascaze developed an understanding of the barriers and hidden challenges faced by incarcerated community members. This unique perspective, coupled with his solutions-first mentality, has made Lascaze highly effective at lobbying New Hampshire legislators to support meaningful criminal justice and police reform. One outcome is the passage of NH HB-1645 (2020) which banned law enforcement from using chokeholds, required law enforcement to report all instances of witnessed misconduct. and banned the use of private prisons in the state. 

March 28        The American Injustice System, the Case against American Exceptionalis  

Larry Vogelman


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