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A warm welcome back to the DUUF Fellowship both for those able to attend in person and for those who will be viewing on our Zoom livestream broadcast. 

Sept 26           How to be an Adult in the Century of Climate Change Michael Fleming

            What does it really mean to be an adult?  What does that mean now, knowing there will be increasing climate disasters affecting our lives, the lives of our children, and our civilization?  Acting as adults, what do we do now as individuals, as families, as a church, as a society?

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Oct 3               Who we are: Identity, Oppression and Liberation           Matt Diaz

             Matt Diaz, Education and Outreach Coordinator at UNH’s Beauregard Center (formerly the Multicultural Center), will discuss gender identity and LBGTQIA allyship with a focus on how to create a welcoming, inclusive, equitable and socially just community. The Beauregard Center’s mission as well as examples of their work will also be presented

For all services, social events and other DUUF events, only those individuals, 12 years and older, who are fully vaccinated may attend in person. Children under 12, who cannot be vaccinated may attend, but must wear masks at all times within the Fellowship building. Attendees need not provide any proof of their vaccination status. However, we expect those attending the Fellowship will adhere to this guideline out of concern for all. Zoom attendance is available and is encouraged for unvaccinated individuals. In addition, members, friends, and guests are expected to be masked and socially distant when in the Fellowship building for services, social events and other DUUF events. We have adopted these guidelines with the understanding that future developments may require their revision.


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