Jan 17              Unconscious Bias                               Deb Johnson                          

            Beyond the blatant violence against people of color are the unconscious actions that people of privilege take regularly. These implicit negative acts challenge the success of Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist groups.  In preparation for our discussion of implicit bias, we kindly request that prior to the program you view a short 9-minute video and complete an Implicit Attitudes Test (IAT), which will take 10-12 minutes. We look forward to a lively discussion of your views on the video and your IAT results.

• Link to the Video: https://youtu.be/q6rMcYzpsAA
[note: sorry, but there will be at least one ad embedded in the video]
• Link to Implicit Attitudes Test (IAT) on Race
[note: you will need to read some preliminary information and click on the statement “I wish to proceed.”  A number of test options will appear.  
Please click on the option “Race IAT” which will lead you to the test we’ll be discussing (note, you will also need to fill in some preliminary demographic information, but will have options to decline to answer)]
• Zoom Link for Sunday, 1/17  DUUF Gathering
Meeting ID: 822 0838 0146


Jan 24              Systemic Racism                                 Betty Crepeau

             Systemic racism is the overarching system of racial bias across all aspects of society, including history, culture, politics, and economics. It remains a challenging factor in our society.


Jan 31              Reflections of Spirituality                  Joyce Sheehan


            Spirituality is an underlying thread through many of our programs this year. Joyce will continue our exploration of this important topic.

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