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May 5.  Rev. Mary Edes

May 12.  Dennis Meadows –   The Climate Change Playbook

May 19.  Mike Fleming –   Food, Environment, Ethics

SERVICES at 10am Sundays

About Our Speakers

Mary Edes has been speaking at our Fellowship since the 1990s. Since leaving parish ministry she has been focusing on her role as chaplain and leading a hospice singing group in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire

Dennis Meadows is an American scientist and Emeritus Professor of Systems Management, and former director of the Institute for Policy and Social Science Research at the University of New Hampshire. Prior to his tenure at UNH he served as director of research institutes at Dartmouth College and MIT. He is the Past President of the International System Dynamics Society and the International Simulation and Games Association. He has facilitated workshops and developed innovative and complex strategic games all over the world. In addition, Dr. Meadows has lectured in over 50 countries. He has received numerous international awards for his work, including the Japan Prize in April 2009. Locally he and his wife Suzanne MacDonald conceived and established the Wagon Hill Community Garden in Durham and remain dedicated members of that group.

Mike Fleming is a long-time member of our Fellowship. Now retired, he is dedicated to issues relating to the environment, climate change, and clean energy. He is a major figure in our Green Sanctuary program.


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